How Exams are changing...

How the Exams are changing...

A number of parents and students have asked how recent announcements about reforming GCSEs will affect how we deliver our GCSE courses. To help, here is a brief summary:

For the current Yr11 there is no change and they will complete their courses in the current format, with their final exams in May/June 2013.

For the current Yr10 there is only a slight change. The format and content of the GCSEs has stayed the same, however, there are now no longer any modular exams. The impact of this is that all exams will happen at the end of the course (referred to as terminal exams). Coursework and controlled assessments have not changed.

For the current Yr8 and 9 there are no planned changes and they will follow the format of the current Yr10s.

The big change is likely to come for the current Yr7. For courses starting in 2015 the Government has made proposals to replace GCSEs with 'English Baccalaureate Certificates’ (EBCs). The 'core' subjects of English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and Languages will be delivered by a single exam board and the emphasis will move away from coursework and controlled assessments to terminal exams. At present there are no plans to change the non 'core' GCSE subjects or BTEC qualifications and these will still be available as at present.

There must be a health warning attached to the last paragraph though. There is currently a public consultation into these changes and it should be noted that these changes are due to commence in 2015, which is the year of the next general election. Obviously we are working hard to prepare ourselves for any future changes, particularly the renewed emphasis of the EBC qualification on Languages and Humanities. However, we have no intention of narrowing the curriculum available to students at Dene Magna and, as always, our priority will be in meeting the needs of individual students and ensuring success.