Year 11 Mini Conference


18 February 2013 
Year 11 Parents/Carers
Dear Parent/Carer 
In response to the trial examinations and as part of the run up to the GCSE exams, all students in Year 11 will be taking part in a mini conference tomorrow afternoon during enrichment time (Tuesday 19 February).  This conference will allow the students to plan their revision and prepare themselves for the examinations, which will be upon them sooner than they think.  
Students will be allowed access to a staff mentor and Mr Adams will be organising this process.  
On Tuesday 19 March, in the same afternoon slot, the students will be partaking in a revision session with Tim Benton from Blue Caterpillar.  This session will allow them access to a range of tips on how to organise their time and how to revise in a way that best suits them.  
To get the best out of the examinations, we require your son/daughter to begin their revision as soon as possible.  Little and often is the best way for them to reach their potential.  We do know though that students will need support and you will need support during this time.
I will be writing to you shortly to give you the date for the parent revision session, where myself and other staff will invite you into school and work with you on how you can be supportive in getting your son/daughter through this time.  
This year’s examinations are so important to us all, so please continue to ensure that your son/daughter comes to school every day on time and ready to learn, so that we can all celebrate their fantastic achievements in August.  
Yours sincerely 
Stephen Brady