School Partnership with Chatan

This year Dene Magna and the Chatan Board of Education in Okinawa celebrated ten years of a successful partnership. In that time over fifty youngsters and twenty teachers from Okinawa have visited Dene Magna and have been hosted by parents. In January Mr Baird, who set up the original link, was able to visit Okinawa and represent Dene Magna School. Mr Baird is no longer teaching at Dene Magna but has volunteered to continue his support for the school’s international links.

The students who visit Dene Magna each November come as a result of winning a prestigious English-speaking contest. Mr Baird received a wonderful welcome from the staff and students at Kuwae and Chatan Junior High Schools. He was also able to meet students who visited in previous years when he attended a reception held by the Mayor of Chatan.

During his visit Mr Baird was able to discuss possible arrangements for a visit by a group of Dene Magna students in June 2014. He visited local heritage sites and one of the largest aquarium tanks in the world. Mr Baird says that the highlight of his visit was watching whales leaping out of the sea on the coast of Okinawa, however, his most memorable experience was the generosity and kindness shown by his hosts.

Watch out for information about a 2014, Y10, Dene Magna visit to Okinawa that will be distributed soon.