Year 11 Revision Conference

The conference was designed to support students in planning effective revision strategies and organising their time to aid their achievement in their GCSE exams.

Although many students see the importance and relevance of their GCSE exams, many still believe them to be a long time away and have an “it will be ok approach”.  If the students got their trial exam results in the summer of this year as their final grades “would they be happy”?

We gave each student a revision booklet and did presentations on organising their time around their exams, motivating action and offering support through staff mentors (all resources shared on the website).

“Good things don’t come to those who wait, you have to make it happen!”

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!”

We have started revision and mentoring sessions and a timetable for revision classes for each subject will be distributed soon.  We welcome support from parents in the support process for students and tracking their progress in areas for development across their subjects (log sheets to be filled in within their revision booklets).