Revision Sessions

Below is a schedule for the Yr11 revision sessions over the Easter period.  The teachers concerned are putting sessions on to enhance the revision for Yr11 and also compensate for any time lost due to snow or illness. 

Arrangements for  revision sessions for Ms Taylor’s Drama class will be sent out separately. 


Monday 25 March

Philosophy & Ethics with Mr Evans.
9.00am to 12.00pm

Tuesday 26 March

Technology (all classes)
All  day from 9.00am

Wednesday 27 March

Foundation 9.15am to 11.00am
Higher 11.00am to 12.30pm

Tuesday 2 April

Ms Clark in S3 (Class 11/4)
All day from 9.00am

Wednesday 3 April

Mr Bridgewater – 12.00pm to 2.30pm

Thursday 4 April

All day  with Mr Williams, Mrs Compton, Mrs Pitcher-Leigh, Ms Hare, and Ms