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A Great Way To Live Life


My name is Archie Eaton, I am currently 16 and am in Year 11. I have had my disability (Morquio) since I was born and was diagnosed at the age of 2. Morquio is an ultra rare genetic disorder and affects less than 100 people in the UK. It affects bone growth which, as a knock on effect, affects bone structure, height and stamina (hence the reason I’m in a wheelchair). It also affects sight and hearing.

My Brother, Isaac (Y10), also has this condition, which has similar effects, however, not the same as each condition is unique.

Over the last few weeks Dene Magna has given me the opportunity to speak out at  assemblies to Yr7, 8 and 9 tutor groups about disability and how I believe we can change attitudes in society towards having a disability, as people like me and my brother have been persecuted by others for centuries. I think that although we have got laws to stop discrimination, our past is still evident in our social lives today. I don’t think society means to act in a discriminatory way, I just think that it is built into our subconscious and is a result of generations of ignorance. Despite my challenges in life, these assemblies have reinforced my belief of how I am contributing to society and the Dene Magna Community.

The main purpose of my presentation is to show my local community that disability is not a curse and can be a great way to live life even though it won’t be exactly the same as everyone without a disability.

In each of my assemblies I have seen each and every learner viewing my presentation with interest and I hope that they will all remember the value of the information for many years to come. My overall objective is to get my message heard in schools all over the country, meaning that, with any luck, disability is not seen with apprehension on the streets anymore!

Archie Eaton (11W1)