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    A-Level Enrolment at Forest Campus, Cinderford Enrolment at Forest Campus is 9am - 2pm. Friday 23rd August

DM Construction Team

The Year 10 Construction Team have just completed their first term of theory and workshop practice in their BTEC Certificate in Construction. They are now well versed in Health & Safety theory and are already putting this new-found knowledge to excellent use in the workshop producing a variety of joints, which may be used in all forms of construction. Some of the Team are already producing work which has been awarded with a 'distinction'!  

They will now be given instruction across a range of 1st and 2nd fix skills in joinery, electrics, plumbing and brick-work plus instruction in multi-skilling for the building trades. The Team will also undertake site visits locally, as well as specialist builders such as Border Oak. 

Well done to all.