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Enrichment Day

Enrichment Day went ahead in style on the last day before the October half term. 

After an interesting morning of PSHE where students were presented with a variety of topics to dwell on:

Y7 students had a talk about dementia awareness and how to help and spot people who might have dementia, so they can be helped.
Y8 students found out about the dangers of drugs.
Y9 students had a financial charity in to help them become more financially aware (budgeting etc).
Y10 students had a presentation from Alcoholics Anonymous.
Y11 students had a talk from Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue about the dangers of young drivers and being driven around by young drivers.

As the PSHE sessions came to a close the students went off to their chosen enrichment activity. These ranged from in school activities such as Manicures, Jewellery Making, Board Games, Bread Making, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Art, Design, a Scavenger Hunt, Movie Videos to outside activities including Climbing, Canoeing, Airbourne/Jumptastic, Cotswold Waterpark, Cinema, Bowling, Lasertag and Dry Slope Skiing. Apologies if I’ve missed a few of the activities, there were so many!

A huge thanks goes out to Mrs Harris and the Admin and Finance Teams who managed to organise and implement a very comprehensive activity list for students to enjoy.

Students thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon of enrichment and returned beaming from ear to ear!