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Mathematics Revision Guides

A number of parents asked during the Year 8 Parents'/Carer' Evening whether students can buy Mathematics revision guides or textbooks through the school.
The answer is, yes you can, and as we teach GCSE from Year 7. Guides can be purchased by any year group. The revision guides are £5 and the textbooks are £10 (online price £23).
The revision guide provides a summary for each topic over 1-2 pages and assumes the student has studied the topic before.
The textbook contains worked examples and explanations, exercises graduated in difficulty, and answers at the back. The book is substantial and does not need to be transported to / from school. It is for home use to help support classroom learning of a new topic or revision for tests and exams.
Any student wishing to buy either a revision guide or textbook should take the money to their class teacher. Revision guides will need to be ordered but text books are held in school.