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    A-Level Enrolment at Forest Campus, Cinderford Enrolment at Forest Campus is 9am - 2pm. Friday 23rd August

Opening Details - Wednesday 13th December

School will be open from 10.00 on Wednesday 13th December.
The school site has been cleared for students to walk round via paths, the car park to the left on entry has been cleared.

Having spoken to all of the bus companies, they are running the following routes tomorrow.

  • All Grindle's buses 1 hour later
  • Michael's Drybrook is 1 hour later
  • Belfitts Soudley is normal time
  • Belfitts other bus is 1 hour late
  • Hereford County Council bus as normal (Lea)
  • Stagecoach Huntley as normal.

If you live in more remote areas and can get to a main road, please do that. If you are still badly affected then please note that as parents/careers we completely respect your right to decide how safe your child's journey to a bus stop is going to be.

As the site is open and bus companies can run services, we will be open tomorrow and lessons will officially start at 10.00am to give time to get to school. Mitcheldean students should walk up Baby Lane tomorrow as this will be easier than Abenhall Road. Please bring wellies/walking shoes.

Our decision has been made because the site has been made safe and a large number of students can get to school. See you in the morning and thanks for waiting. As said, we wanted you to know before the morning (as has been the case before).