Yr11 Prom 2013

On Friday 28 June Penyard House will be hosting the annual Dene Magna Prom event. Our hope is that this will be an opportunity for students and staff to celebrate successes, share and make memories and have a really enjoyable evening.

Tickets for the event are £25 (to be purchased by Friday 24 May) and this will include food, drinks and photographs. Students will be expected to arrive after 7pm and before 7.15pm. Students will need to be collected by 11pm.

We would like the evening to hold only positive memories when students look back in years to come and it is for that reason that we are making our expectations clear and provide details of the event.

If we suspect any student of being under the influence of any substance then we will expect those students to be collected and taken home; expectations for behaviour are the same as we adhere to in school and we expect no less.

Students have opted to travel directly to Penyard House so, unfortunately, this will mean that parents will be unable to see students arrive at the venue. I realise this will be a disappointment for many parents, but last year groups of students met beforehand for photo opportunities and this seemed to work well.

Penyard House have stated that only proper modes of transport, such as limousines and cars will be allowed; vehicles that can potentially harm or put people in danger such as vehicles that are not usually seen as modes of transport (i.e. tractors) will not be allowed on site. All vehicles will be expected to drop students off at the front of the building and immediately depart.  To avoid hold ups for transportation and keep traffic to a minimum, no photographs will be allowed outside with vehicles.

The Prom will mark the end of an era for the students of 2008 -2013 and, as such, we are very much looking forward to sharing the evening with a super group of students who, no doubt, will be looking their very best.