Thankfully, breaches of uniform or dress codes are rare at Dene Magna, but could I take this opportunity to remind parents and students to refer to the information in the student planners regarding acceptable hair colours and piercing information.  Hair should be a ‘natural’ colour.  Please use your better judgement if your child asks to have their hair coloured in any way as unnatural colours will not be acceptable in school.  The planner also clearly states that students may wear one pair of small studs in the lower lobe only and not anywhere else on the ear.  Other facial piercings are also not allowed.  Students will be expected to remove an ear-ring straight away if it is not a single stud in the lower lobe.  They will not be allowed to keep it in – even if it is during the initial six weeks of having the piercing.

We are proud of the smart dress-code for Dene Magna students and do not wish to see any erosion of these high standards.  It is part of who we are as a school and one of the reasons why we have such a good reputation in the community.

Thank you,

Mrs Tufnell,
Deputy Headteacher.