Y11 Historians

Please note that the final webinar's date has been changed from Thursday 19 April to Wednesday 18 April.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

A letter detailing 3 History Webinars will be coming home with Y11 Historians today.  A further copy of this letter is below for your convenience:

25 January 2018

Dear Parent / Carer

To aid your child’s revision for their GCSE History examinations, we have arranged three student webinars which will be hosted by the exam board OCR.  The course examiners will be leading the sessions and we believe they will be a vital part of revision before the forthcoming exams. 

The dates of the sessions are as follows:

Tuesday 13 March
Tuesday 20 March
Now Wednesday 18 April

Each session will be 3:30-5:00pm and will focus on the three different exam papers that they will have in the summer.  There will be no impact on lesson time, but students will need to arrange transport home at 5:00pm

As these courses are being provided by an external source, the school has covered the cost of running them. As such, I would expect every student to attend all three sessions unless there were exceptional circumstances as to why they could not go.  All other teachers are aware of these course dates and understand the priority for History students just on these three dates.  

Finally, I would like to confirm that after February half term, the History department will be running normal revision sessions every Wednesday 3:20-4:20pm. A timetable of topics covered will follow soon.

Thank you for your continued support of the department. We look forward to some fantastic results again this summer!

Yours sincerely

Lynne Adams
Head of History