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    A-Level Enrolment at Forest Campus, Cinderford Enrolment at Forest Campus is 9am - 2pm. Friday 23rd August

School Closure - Thursday 1st March

Morning all. The forecast certainly changed after 7.00 and thankfully the wind had died down a bit on site. We will be closing early today (12.00) and have organised the buses to come and collect at that time. Doing it at this time allows for the site to not become too congested. If you have to come and collect early then please drop us a line and collect your son/daughter. For your info, the roads approaching school are fine and the site is safe. We appreciate that some of you are in more remote areas and hopefully you can see what a headache it is to rely on the forecast, especially when the site is fine. Thanks for your support and we will let you know this evening about tomorrow.