Year 11 Science Revision

Whole day revision sessions for 11.1 Triple Science students
Wednesday 19th June (school sports day) - C7 & P7 (exam Thu 20th June)
Friday 21st June (sponsored walk day) - P7 (exam Mon 24th June)
Students will need to bring their own food as the canteen will be shut.  They will also need to be in full school uniform and sign in and out as usual.
Breakfast revision sessions
Come for a 'spaced-learning' session before your Unit 7 Science exams - quick fire revision with free breakfast!
Tuesday 18th June - 8am before B7 exam
Monday 24th June - 8am before P7 exam
Spaced Learning is a learning method in which the condensed learning content is repeated three times, with two 10-minute breaks during which distractor activities are performed by the students. It is based on the temporal pattern of stimuli for creating long-term memories. 
Students should also remember that Science lessons will continue on the normal timetable until the final exam is completed. Past papers for revision are available on the VLE -
Many thanks,
Mrs Roberts