Key Stage 3 Group Codes

1 July 2013
Dear Parent/Carer
As you will be aware we are fast approaching the last two weeks of term and for us this means a great deal of change coming into place.  For these two weeks we will be running the new timetable and the new school day. This gives us the opportunity to iron out any issues before the Summer in readiness for a crisp start in September. Obviously there have been a few things that have been moved around and the purpose of this letter today is to just explain a few of these.
The key difference is that we have changed the proportion of students in each of the 'splits'. These are traditional known as 'Y' and 'X'. In the past ‘Y’ had approximately 60 students and 'X' had 90. This is now the other way around.
The impact of this at KS3 is that classes 'N', 'A' and 'G' are now 'Y' band classes and 'D' and 'M' are 'X' band.
Within each of those bands different subjects have used different rationales for grouping students together. This will mean that your daughter or son may appear to have 'moved' groups. However, this is not necessarily the case, as it may be the way that the groups have been formed and the notations that have been used that have created the apparent change.
We acknowledge that this can all appear very confusing. However I would like to reassure you that the grouping of students is a process that involves a lot of staff working very hard and their only objective is to make sure that each student is given the best environment for them to learn and make progress in.
If there is anything that your daughter or son does not understand, then please encourage her/him to talk to her/his tutor in the first instance.
Yours sincerely
Fred Mitchell
Deputy Headteacher