Year 7 Bookbuzz

Each year we take part in the Book Trust's Bookbuzz scheme whereby every y7 student gets to choose and keep a FREE book from a fantastic collection chosen by school librarians, teachers and specialists. The collection includes a wide range of reading abilities and different genres. The aim is to encourage students to read for pleasure and get them excited about books and reading. We hope that the students will enjoy their Bookbuzz book and that it inspires them to continue reading and discovering new books and authors. 
Students will be making their choices during English lessons from 19th - 27th September, which doesn't give them very much time to find out what they can about the books so that they make the best choice for themselves. We have two sets of the Bookbuzz collection in the Library and they are available for the students to browse during breaks and lunchtimes. We also have a film of the authors talking about their books which will be running during all breaks and lunchtimes. 
There is a Bookbuzz website available too, which gives more information about the books and authors, and has extracts of the first chapters. Tutors and English teachers will be looking at the Bookbuzz website with the students over the next week, however, as there isn't a great deal of time, it would be useful if students accessed the website from home too. Students books will be delivered soon after half-term.  Any questions, please contact the Library.
Access the Bookbuzz Student Zone here: