Year 7 Tutor Evening

29 September 2014

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Year 7 Tutor Evening

The Year 7 Tutor Evening will be held on Thursday 16 October from 4.00pm to 6.00pm and this will be an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s tutor and/or Head of School or Student Support Mentor. This is not an evening to discuss progress in subject areas; you will receive an interim report from subject teachers after this date.

Appointments on this evening will be limited to 5 minutes, but if there is an issue you wish to discuss which would take longer than this, please let your child’s tutor know and we will make a separate appointment

There will be a display about Child Online Protection and an opportunity to find out more about how to protect your child in this way, as well as being aware of what the school does to support this.

Please return the completed reply slip, even if you are unable to attend the Parents’ Evening.

Yours sincerely

D Hill (Mrs)
Head of Lower School

Reply Slip:  To be returned to your child’s Tutor by Tuesday 7 October.


Student’s Name:    ___________________________________________  Tutor Group:  _________

I/we will/will not be able to attend the Tutor Evening on Thursday 16 October. 

I would like an appointment with Mrs Hill.                                                                                  YES / NO

I would like an appointment with Mrs Hoare.                                                                             YES / NO

I would like to make an alternative appointment to discuss issues at greater length.                YES / NO


Signed:  ______________________________________        Parent/Carer