Civil War Day

To Parents/Carers of Year 8 students

Dear Parent/Carer

As part of the Year 8 National Curriculum in History, we study the English Civil War.  To support this work, we have arranged for Colonel Granville Thomas to present a day on the Civil War to Year 8 students.  This would give the students the opportunity to be involved in a range of activities, including handling artefacts and a range of 17th Century weapons; to learn how the battles were fought and how the Civil War affected all aspects of peoples’ lives.  The day is aimed at helping students to build up an empathy with the people of the 17th Century.  All the activities take place on the school site, within normal hours, and students are supervised at all times.

This activity has been arranged for:

 Monday 20 April for 8D and 8M from 8:50am – 3:20pm
 Tuesday 21 April for 8A, 8G and 8N from 8:50am – 3:20pm. 

Students will not need to bring books/materials for other lessons.  They will need to be in school uniform as normal and will need an outdoor coat.  Lunch arrangements and buses will be as normal.  In order to help meet the cost of this activity, I would like to ask for a contribution of £4.00 per student to be brought in to the Finance Office in a named envelope, together with the reply slip below, by Monday 23 March.  The trip will be available to pay online until all available places have been taken. 

Yours sincerely

L Adams
Head of History


Reply Slip: To be returned to the Finance Office by Thursday 13 February.

Re: Colonel Granville Thomas: Year 8 History Activity


Student’s Name: ______________________________         Teaching Group: _______

  • I enclose £4.00 in respect of the above activity
  • I have paid on line.

Signed: _________________________________________ Parent/Carer