New House System

27 March 2015

Dear Parent/Carer

We have spent time this year looking at how we can get even more from our pastoral system.  This letter is to inform you that as from September 2015, students will move to a new House system at Dene Magna School.  This new system will take the very best elements of our current Head of Year system and also key parts from our current House system.  

1.         Why the change?

  • a new House system will allow more celebration of achievements in and out of school
  • it will allow families and students to develop a five year working relationship with the Head of House and Student Support Mentor, rather than changing each year
  • it will create greater identity within school and the wider community
  • it will improve competition and leadership opportunities for our students
  • it will allow us to appoint a new Student Support Mentor to work alongside the current team.

2.         Who are the Heads of House?

Our new Heads of House will be Danielle Hill, Anthony Tolley, Jonathon Woodhead and Heath Adams and there will be four Student Support Mentors – Tracey Hoare, Carolyn Freeman, Christina Freeman plus one still to be appointed.  Students will stay in the House for five years and siblings will join the same House.  There will be a clear base for our House teams, where students and staff can go for support and guidance and the new Student Support Mentor will join us with experience in areas of current need.

3.         What is changing – uniform

We are incredibly proud of our badge and tie, but parental feedback has told us that our current sweatshirts fade quickly and, in some cases, are starting to look a little tatty.  From September 2015, there will be a new jumper, as well as new guidance on our school trousers (girls and boys) and skirts.  All students will be expected to wear this new jumper from September and we have worked very hard with our suppliers to keep costs down, whilst giving a smart and fresh new look to our students.  The new jumper will include coloured piping to represent the colours of the new Houses.  Feedback from students who were questioned about this have been incredibly positive and full details on how to buy the new uniform will be sent out after Easter.  

4.          What is next?

After Easter, students and staff will have more details of the new House system.  There will be competitions for students to name our four Houses and design logos for the Houses.  We will create the new leadership roles for students for each House and, in May, students will find out which House they will belong to.  These Houses will show a balance of our students’ strengths and will allow competitions of all forms to be fair.  Each House will celebrate what it is to be a Dene Magna person, but under its own unique identity.

We will contact you again after Easter, but in the meantime our new Heads of House are already planning how they will be crowned House Champions 2015-2016 and they are genuinely excited about the impact the House system will have on life at Dene Magna. 

Have an enjoyable Easter and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Brady