The New House Structure

All students have now been allocated their 'House' and all have received a welcome letter from their Head of House.  Year 10 were informed on Friday in readiness to write their prefect letters and all other years today (18 May).  Please take time to read the letter and find out more about your child's 'House'. 

Mr Tolley is Head of Jenner House (red), Mr Adams Head of Dowty House (blue), Mr Woodhead Head of Foley House (yellow) and Mrs Hill Head of Wilson House (Green). 

As of September students will wear the new school uniform and their House colour will be seen in the piping of their V neck jumper.  The uniform can be bought from either Labels which is located in Ross or Gooch sports which is located in Newent.  Please ensure you read the uniform guidelines for September to ensure your child is in the correct uniform.  As Mr Brady stated in his previous letter these are exciting times and we are really looking forward to next year and the many 'House' competitions.

Please ensure you purchase the correct jumper for your 'House'.