Instrumental Music Lessons

Sadly, at the end of this school year, the Colwell Music Centre in Gloucester will be closing. With this in mind, I am writing to outline some changes that need to be made to ensure that we can still offer music tuition at Dene Magna School.

As a school, we used the Colwell centre as our central resource for provision. There are many fantastic tutors associated with the centre and, in an effort to maintain this provision, we have liaised with the tutors who are considering offering the service on a freelance basis, direct with the school.

However, this does mean that the rate for the music lessons will increase to £12.50 per half hour lesson, with effect from September 2012. We are sad that the price will be rising slightly, but we are convinced that this represents excellent value and assure you that this rise is not in any way benefiting the school.  The costs are based upon meeting the prices set by the tutors. We will still be offering a subsidised bursary of £50 per term, with the qualifying criteria as current.

GCSE music tuition will also be subsidised with the student contribution rate being £70 per term not £125.

We look forward to continuing our successes in music with our students in the future.