Following some difficulties on some of the routes to school with students not showing passes.  The procedure detailed below, will be implemented from Monday 8 June 2015

If a student loses, forgets or damages their bus pass, the procedure is as follows:

  • The driver will allow the student to board the bus in the morning but will inform them that they must go to reception to ask them to contact GCC/ITU for authorisation for them to continue travelling.
  • The school will then contact GCC/ITU by 12.30 that day, to inform them of the student’s name and whether the pass is lost or forgotten.
  • GCC will then email authorisation to the operator and copy the school in.  On this email GCC will state how long the pupil can travel for without a pass.
  • If the student does not receive authorisation from GCC/reception then the student will be refused travel on the bus in the afternoon and will be left at school for their parents/carers to collect them.
  • The student must ask their parent/carer to get a replacement pass by calling 01452 425387 or going to www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/applyforabuspass and then click on ‘order a replacement bus pass’.

Please note that reception are not allowed to issue any more temporary bus passes to students.

Students entitlement to free transport  can change for various reasons throughout their time at school and as you are aware we do have students on some of the routes that have to pay for their bus pass, therefore it is essential that passes are checked each time the student board the bus.