Travel via Calais / Opal Coast

Dear Parents/ Carers
Quite rightly, I am receiving a few calls about the stories that we are seeing in the news concerning the problems in and around Calais.
I have spoken to our travel company who have schools going through the port on a daily basis and who are reporting no problems.  The worst case scenario is that we cross through one of the ports a little further up or down the coast.  If our arrangements change, I will contact all parents immediately.
In the past we have seen evidence of the immigration problems in and around the port and, needless to say, we actively seek to avoid putting ourselves in any potentially problematic situations.  This includes taking the precaution of locking all coach doors when we are driving through Calais, etc...
Please do not hesitate to contact me through school if you have any further concerns.
Kind regards
Jonathon Woodhead