Parental Access

Just in time for half-term, we've sent out the last of the Year 8 ePortal access letters with usernames and passwords. This allows parents who requested access on their last data checking sheet to login to our system and view attendance, student events, timetable and personal information about their student.

This means that Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 have all now been sent out. If you haven't received a letter and were expecting one please contact the school via your student or by emailing and we'll investigate further.

Year 7 parents can expect a data checking sheet in December which will allow them to request access; these sheets will be processed as quickly as possible once you've returned them and you'll receive a letter with username and password.

We'd welcome user's feedback on the system and whether you feel it could replace some or all paper communications as we seek to reduce our use of paper and printing.