GCSE Exam Results 2017

It is with great delight that the students at Dene Magna School secured a 6% increase on last year in their key GCSE measure of Basics for Maths and English (70.1%). This growth is because of a relentless focus on teaching and learning as well as our House System ensuring that we worked with all students and parents to make the best progress. With the volatility in results expected nationally, we see this increase as vindication of the work we do. 81.3% of students in Mathematics achieved the new pass of a 4 and 56.25% of students achieved the new ‘good pass’ of a 5. In English, the figures were 74.3% achieving a 4 and 52.7% achieving the new 5.

We are delighted that 17 of our students achieved the new grade 8 and 9 (including 6 students achieving the grade 9). 10 students in English achieved the new grade 8 and 9 (including 2 students achieving the grade 9).

These achievements have not been the result of multiple exam entries and retakes, which makes them all the more special. We are so proud that the combined work of all those in the Dene Magna community has paid off with these superb results. There have been some fantastic individual performances and stories and as a year group, they have worked together to achieve a set of results they can be proud of. Well done and all the best for the future!