We Will Rock You


This year's school production will be the fantastic stage show 'We Will Rock You' and rehearsals will start on THURSDAY 21 SEPTEMBER.
Mr Wynn and Miss Burt have decided to do things a little differently for the first half term, so the first rehearsal will be with Miss Burt in the Music room, where students will be singing their hearts out to Queen songs! The next rehearsal will be with Mr Wynn, in the Drama room, where he will be directing like Spielberg, making sure everyone knows their lines, etc.
Later in the year both sessions will then come together, so please watch this space and posters around school for more details.
As we auditioned last year for this production and Year 7 students didn't get an opportunity to take part. Mr Wynn and Miss Burt would like to see anyone interested THIS WEEK (11 - 15 September). Just pop over to Music or Drama so that you can get more details. Please don't leave it too late - if you want to take part.