Well Done Year 7!

For several years, our students have filled shoeboxes with gifts for underprivileged children which are sent throughout the world. Over 230 shoeboxes are on their way to bring joy and hope to children in need. A new record for the school, so well done Year 7!

It's a fantastic community effort involving people of all ages. At Dene Magna, our Year 7 students have been busy filling and making up boxes, whilst all year round pensioners have been knitting, collecting and buying items for the project - it's a real team effort. Once the boxes are complete, they have to be shipped and to meet these costs, we at Dene Magna organised a sponsored walk, the proceeds of which all go to charities including Operation Christmas Child.

The students can track the destination of their boxes online and also read the real-life stories of children receiving the gifts, many of which are very heart-warming and humbling.

The value of this community project is recognised by Headteacher Mr Stephen Brady with his following comment. "It is so timely that the students get a chance to think about and act in helping these who do not have the luxuries that we have and often take for granted. To see the students coming in with the shoeboxes and to hear the stories of the members of the community who have spent months preparing the boxes makes it all the more special. We at Dene Magna are delighted to be part of this."

Year 11 get in on the act

Year 11 mentors Vicki Matthews and Caleb Gazzard are also to be congratulated on their efforts to support Operation Christmas Child. They raised £36 from their year group, which means we can start to buy gifts for shoeboxes for 2013! It has been a very caring gesture on Vicki and Caleb's part, and very much appreciated.