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We are pleased to publish our most recent OFSTED report below.

Extract from Mr Brady's letter:

"It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you that following our recent Ofsted Inspection on 22/23 November 2012, we were once again awarded an Outstanding rating.  A copy of the report is available on the school website for you to read and should you require a paper copy, then please contact the school and we will arrange for this to be sent home to you.  There is no copy of the report on the Ofsted website as yet, as we have to release the report to parents in the first instance.  The report will be on the Ofsted website within the next five days.

This achievement is even more special, as we are the first secondary school in Gloucestershire to be awarded the Outstanding rating under the new and incredibly rigorous framework.  What is most amazing is that when you read the report, you will see the Inspectors talk about the students of this school and the role they play in our school being outstanding.  The  Inspectors gave the school an Outstanding rating in all areas and I would urge you to read the report with the same sense of pride that we felt when we first read it.  Dene Magna is unique and the relationships that exist between home, school and the community all work together to ensure that this is an outstanding school."

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