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10 2 11 Challenge

At Dene Magna we recognise not only the need for academic learning, but for KS4 students to develop character qualities that will prepare them in every respect for life. Therefore as part of their transition into year 11, we work closely with parents with an inititive called '10|2|11' where students are given a set of challenges to complete (largely at home) to develop indepenence and confidence.

Please see below electronic versions of the student guide and parent/carer guide, which give full details of the initiative. Feedback from parents has been very positive as they recognise the need for young people to be prepared for the changes in year 11 and beyond

If you are a business and have been approached by a student for discounted travel, this is a genuine School initiative and parents are invited to support their son/daughter as they explore public transport. Please only agree to complimentary or discounted tickets with express permission of the parent(s)/carer(s) and if students can safely return home safely. Thank you for your support!

For more information please contact:

Mr Jones s.jones@denemagna.gloucs.sch.uk
Mrs Mellor g_mellor@denemagna.gloucs.sch.uk

Film suggestions for task 3:
Dances with wolves
Apollo 13
The Wizard of Oz
Hidden figures
The boy in striped pyjamas
Erin Brockovich
Victim (BBC series)
Inside Out
Saving Private Ryan (if parents are happy)

School subjects for task 8:

Subject Task(s) issued
English Literature revision list provided:
English Individual English groups will be told by teachers
Maths MathsWatch assignment created
Username: xxx@denemagna Password: volume

Geography Catch up on the work missed due to work experience
French Make improvements on writing exam using the helpsheet given out in lesson.
Spanish 10 mins of Spanish listening per day (via login)
Username: DM Spanish Password: DMMFL

ICT Computer Science group to improve/redo recent exam paper
Child Dev Complete Tick Sheet 3
Art Make improvements on portraits project using the feedback and personal targets set
Design & Technology All groups in Textiles, Papers and boards and timbers should continue to "Investigate" The new contextual challenge coursework. this section should be completed by the summer holidays so you must keep working online on your Google document or be finding things out about your project.
PE All students to revise paper 1 and paper 2 in readiness for a re test in early September. In addition to this, students can start working through the checkpoints on the ever learner.
Science Create a revision poster for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Biology; B4 natural Selection & genetiic modification, B5 Health, Disease and the Development of medicines. B6, Plant Structures and Their Functions and B7 Animal Coordination, Control and Homeostasis. Chemistry;C8 Acids and Alkalis, C9 Extracting Mteals and Equilibria, C9 Groups in the Periodici Table, C10 and 11 Rates of Reaction and Energy Changes. Physics; P4 Waves and the EMS, P5 Radioactivity, P78 Forces and Energy and P9 Electricity.

Use GCSE Bitesize (Select Edexcel), your exercise books and revision guides
RE GCSE Use youtube to find out more about some of Jesus' parables. These will help you with references for the exam
Music Look at Rhythms of the World - Look at different instruments and how they sound...can you name them if heard in a piece of music? Will be tested when you get back.
Link provided Also look at GCSE Bitesize...lots of information on there on Instruments from around the world.


Recipe suggestions for task 9: 


  1. 10211 - student guide pdf
  2. Slides from parent evening
  3. 10211 - parent guide