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Key Stage 3 Geography

The KS3 Geography Curriculum is diverse and allows students to be fully prepared if they wish to continue to study Geography at GCSE level.

Year 7 Topics –  Introducing Geography, Making Connections and Geographical skills, Exploring Britain, Kenya,                                   Ecosystems.
Year 8 Topics –  Energy, Development, Coasts, Natural Hazards, Rivers, Flooding.
Year 9 Topics –  Population/Urbanisation, Glaciation, Climate Change, Geographical Skills.

During the KS3 course, students are introduced to a variety of skills. These will include:

  • Analytical skills – geographical investigations test hypotheses and involve data analysis.
  • Computer literacy – using PowerPoint, google research, use of Chromebooks.
  • Self-Management – managing resources and time for Independent Learning Tasks (ILT).
  • Numeracy and Literacy – using graphs and other data and analysing them.
  • Teamwork – fieldwork and group work will help develop leadership skills.
  • Spatial Awareness – map reading helps to understand a sense of place.
  • Problem Solving – thinking of questions and then being able to answer them.
  • Social and Environmental Awareness – being aware of the world.

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