Key Stage 4 Geography

At KS4 students study the OCR ‘A’ GCSE Geography syllabus. The modules encompass many aspects of both physical and human geography. All resources and class work are available to all students via Google Classroom.

Subject Content

Unit 1: Living in the UK Today (1-hour exam).
Unit 2: The World around Us (1-hour exam).
Unit 3: Geographical Skills and Fieldwork (1 hour 30 minute exam).

The OCR specification allows the opportunity to develop:

•             Communication skills.

•             Graph and map skills.

•             ICT skills.

•             Interpersonal skills via debate and discussion.

•             Literacy and numeracy.

•             Problem solving skills.

•             Awareness of career possibilities.

•             Personalised and independent learning.

•             A sound foundation for students who wish to continue the study of geography.

•             A clear understanding of the world around you.


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