Why study Geography?

Do world events interest you?

  • Geographers know that we are an interconnected world and a world of social inequalities
  • You might become an Aid Worker, Charity Coordinator

Do you enjoy watching the weather?

  • Geographers analyse developing weather systems and can predict natural hazards
  • You might become a Weather Presenter, Flood Prevention Officer

Do you like discovering new places?

  • Geographers are interested in what cultures and places are like and why they can be different
  • You might become a Travel Agent, Tour Guide

Do you like to people watch?

  • Geographers are curious about why places change and why cities are made up of different areas
  • You might become a Planner, Social Worker

Do you enjoy interacting with the landscape?

  • Geographers like to understand and explain the features of our landscape
  • You might become a Coastal Manager, Geologist

Do you want to know why people do the work they do?

  • Geographers can explain the different reasons for different types of work
  • You might become a Transport Manager, Economic Developer

Do you care about the planet?

  • Geographers appreciate the importance of sustainability
  • You might become an Environmental Officer, Forestry Ranger

Are you fascinated by maps?

  • Geographers use maps to understand the patterns in places and landscapes
  • You might become a Cartographer, GIS Specialist

Geography will help develop skills that will be an asset in any job situation and these skills will be thought of highly by any employer!

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